We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

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Best place to visit for any kind of hearing aid. Danielle treated me very carefully and removed ear wax with utmost care. I recommend anyone who is having problem with hearing to visit them.

Satisfied Customer

I've seen Heather plenty of times for several things- ear cleanings, ear mould impressions, and hearing tests. No matter what she's doing, Heather is extremely professional, and considerate of my comfort during the procedure. She's very good at putting your mind at ease when you're in her care!

Matthew H.

I went to the Hearing Solutions clinic today, and I want to say this with utmost sincerity that this clinic has the best service, the most polite reception and an amazingly calm, friendly and utterly professional Audiologist. I went in for my ear wax issues, and I was talked to very clearly and everything related to my ear and the wax and the procedure involved was explained in a simple way. The procedure was quick, neatly done and further images of the cleaned ears were shown. I’ll give 10/10 to Neil Squire society. Thank you so much Dr. Heather Ritchie the audiologist, she was amazing.

Khaled S.

Had an ear wax removal done here and it was quick, efficient, and professional. Dr. Heather R. was very knowledgeable and professional throughout. I even learned a thing or two about how my ears work. Would highly recommend the establishment to anyone with a hearing problem.

Joel P.

Dr. Heather Ritchie is the best! me and my husband were worried about our hearing and ears in general because no one has ever told us how to care for it. We took a chance and booked an appointment. Dr Ritchie gave us all the information we needed and more! She performed the audio test and showed us our ears Gave us all the reassurance that we were right to come in and just get a health check. Apparently not a lot of people go to a professional to clean and get their ears checked. It should almost be like going to the dentist.

Ember N.

I was extremely impressed. Heather was absolutely marvellous, so kind and empathetic. I can’t stress enough how easy Heather was to talk to and how she listened and was never judgemental. Thank you so very much.

Wendie T.

This place is very prompt, professional, and knows what they're doing. It is unbelievable to see and be real health professionals that work on your hearing Amazing Hearing is important Thank you Heather and Cheri :)

Gjin S.

Fantastic staff, went in for an ear cleaning, which is free! Heather gave me the best cleaning I've ever had, and her professionalism and care was amazing. Recommended to all!

Serge K.

Had complete hearing test done with Danielle. She was outstanding! Really thorough and extremely knowledgeable. Spent a lot of time reviewing options available. Highly recommended!

Billy V.

I had a really pleasant experience here, and I highly recommend Neil Squire to anyone experiencing concerns with their ears. I went in for an ear cleaning (for free!), and Heather (the audiologist) thoroughly explained to me how the process worked. She also took pictures of my ear so I could see what it looked like before and after. Quick, painless experience - was in and out in under 30 minutes. The two receptionists were also great - they offered me water and chocolates after the appt!


Neil Squire and Ms. Ritchie are one of Vancouver’s greatest (hidden) gems in providing genuine service and benefit to the hearing impaired and to all hearing aid users.


Great experience for my first time getting my ears checked out. Even checked out my 6 year old daughters ear wax at same time. Very knowledgeable and comfortable environment. Kind of wish I had ear wax to remove. 100% definitely recommend.

S. K.

I recently had my wax removed from my ears, I was very impressed by the professionals care given by Heather Ritchie, she took the time to explain the process and the procedure carefully and removed the wax with care, she was very kind, I would highly recommend to anyone Thank you so much.

J. Biring

I came across Neil Squire Hearing Solutions by chance and can't say enough about the program and their audiologist, Heather R. She is extraordinarily thorough, patient about answering questions, and goes out of her way to ensure that clients get comfortable with the technology of their hearing aids. She provided as many follow-ups as needed, making me feel really supported. A great place to get a complimentary hearing health checkup. 

S. Chew

Grateful to have discovered Neil Squire Hearing Solutions for ear tests. Quick, on-time appointment, very professional with a different atmosphere than a walk-in clinic. I appreciate Heather for being informative and kind and making the experience comfortable. I will be back; I highly recommend it for a piece of mind. 

Ryan P.

I had a wonderful experience with Heather Ritchie in getting my hearing tested for Tinnitus (ringing in my ear). She was thorough, much more so than the ENT specialist I saw a month previous. I would whole heartedly recommend her to my friends and relatives as I learn so much from her and she provided excellent solutions on how to get my hearing to where it should be. 

Stew A.

Came here to have my ears checked out since I was having some issues. Had a great experience, Heather was very informative and friendly! I left with all my issues resolved and perfectly clean ears! Thank you! 

Thomas Y.

Heather was way above my expectations. I was very afraid of feeling pain and she was very careful and patient with me. Service Note 100! Highly recommend! She is really good! 

Andrea C.

I needed to clean my ears, and after researching the internet, I was fortunate to find Neil Squire Hearing Solutions. The appointment was quick, and because I couldn't be there before 5 pm, they allowed me to get there after that. Heather was very professional and patient during cleaning. So happy after the cleaning, I had my capacity for hearing decreased for years. Thanks! 

Fabio P.

A million thanks to Heather!!! She was extremely generous, and patient enough to clean my ears even though it took a lot of time. Explicitly explained about the issue, and handled my ear's with great care throughout the process. Once again I highly appreciate Heather, and the staff who made my appointment hustle free. Thank you 

Leelan N.

The super friendly and professional audiologist, Heather, was able to squeeze me in at a moment's notice to help me out of a jam. She explained every step of the process to me, and then took extra time to explain the results. 

Michael E.

Heather! I have no comment of how great Audiologist you are! Dealt with hearing loss since l was born and l never felt so welcomed in my adult life! Having hearing disability can be overwhelming and stressful but she made my hearing aids process so easy and fun! Thank you for everything Mary-Ann and Valerie, thank you for your amazing customer service and prompt service! Very glad to find that place! 

Camila C.

Super kind and informative. Heather talked with me about tinnitus and even followed up with some research afterwards she did for me. Thanks so much Heather! 

Thomas F.

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