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Routine hearing evaluations are as important for your health as routine doctor, dental, and optometrist checkups. Hearing loss is often gradual, and can go unnoticed for years. Untreated hearing loss can negatively impact many aspects of a person’s life, including personal relationships and work performance, and can lead to depression and social isolation. It’s important to be proactive with hearing health by getting regular hearing checkups.

We have the proper equipment, calibrated testing tools, and sound-proof facility needed to measure your hearing with precision.

A Hearing Test Involves

  • A complete assessment of your hearing ability and hearing-related needs conducted by a registered audiologist

  • A discussion of your hearing-related concerns and other health factors that may impact hearing

  • A visual examination of the ear canals to check for issues that could impact your hearing, such as an ear infection or wax buildup

  • A pure tone and speech test, involving sounds and words presented at different levels

  • A middle ear analysis to detect a perforated eardrum, or the presence of a problem within the middle ear

  • Test results will be fully explained by the audiologist, and recommendations will be made based on the individual’s hearing needs​

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